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Aviation Solutions

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About us



AdvisAvia is an aviation services company. It operates from its offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


AdvisAvia’s business model is supported by two activities which it has fine-tuned and evolved over more than twenty-years of experience in the aviation and aerospace sector.

The first is providing advisory services, and the second is delivering aviation solutions. Both are undertaken with a drive towards client satisfaction.

Advisory Services



AdvisAvia guides and represents leading, global players in the ASEAN and Middle East regions from its offices in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

AdvisAvia’s strength is to provide a legal and fully approved platform from which foreign companies can operate to serve their clients and develop their markets, networks and presence in the target regions.

Let AdvisAvia provide you with a Middle Eastern platform to take your business into these emerging markets.

Aviation Solutions

AdvisAvia's solutions include bespoke products and services tailored to the aerospace and aviation sectors.

We offer proprietary business planning and analytical tools, decision support methodologies as well as our extensive in-house database and its data mining tools.

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